Attend the Debates


General ticket information

To apply for tickets, please first read the important information below before filling in the registration form.

Information for students

If you are a student at a school, college or university in Doha, do NOT fill in the form. You need to contact your staff member who is the point person at your school for coordinating ticket requests for the Debates.

If you don't know who to contact, please email us at:  and we will give you their name.

However, if your school has not sent students to the Doha Debates before, please proceed to the form to apply for seats.

General information:

Tickets are free of charge.

We have 300 seats for each Debate.

Seats are available to adults (over 17 years of age) living or visiting Doha, Qatar.

The Doha Debates cannot pay for the air tickets and accommodation for anyone wanting to attend from abroad. We hope you can understand that we do not have the resources for this.

How to book a ticket through the new booking system

Step 1: Fill out the form below.

Step 2: You may receive an invitation from Eventbrite, It is NOT a confirmation

Step 3: If you receive an invitation you MUST confirm your attendance by clicking on the button “attend the debate”

Step 4: If you request an additional ticket please send the name of your guest and their email

Step 5: Once you confirm you will receive a confirmation email with a printable ticket

Step 6: Please bring the ticket with you for fast entry into the debate

Step 7: If you have confirmed and cannot attend at any stage, please let us know so we can assign your ticket to someone on the waiting list. We are a TV programme and every seat counts!

Attending the debate:

Please note: the doors close at 7:20pm.  The event is filmed so entry or exit is not permitted once the debate starts.

Parking: There is no public parking at Georgetown University, but parking is providing nearby and shuttle buses will bring you to the venue. Please aim to park by 7pm to get to the venue and through registration in time for the debate. 

Booking form