This House trusts Iran NOT to build a nuclear bomb

Monday November 09 2009
MOTION REJECTED by 48% to 52%

Opinion poll

Doha, Qatar, December 9, 2009: Eighty percent of Arabs disbelieve Iran's assurances that it will not build nuclear weapons, according to a new region-wide poll commissioned by The Doha Debates.

Moreover, most Arabs in the Gulf see their region as a more likely target than Israel from an Iranian bomb.

The survey, conducted by YouGov, questioned more than 1000 people in 18 Arab countries between November 19 and 23.

The result significantly reinforces the vote at last month's Doha Debate where 52 percent of a mostly-Arab audience rejected the motion that Iran can be trusted not to build an atomic bomb. 

Polling dates: 19 - 23 November 2009

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