This House believes resistance to the Arab Spring is futile

Monday May 30 2011
MOTION PASSED by 73% to 27%

Opinion poll

Doha, Qatar. June 22, 2011:  A growing number of Gulf Arabs are frightened and pessimistic about the "Arab Spring", according to an opinion poll, commissioned by The Doha Debates. 

More than half said they would be too scared to demonstrate against their rulers - almost as many in the region doubt that the uprisings will result in real political change.

The results contrasted markedly with other parts of the Middle East. In North Africa more than 70 percent felt that change had begun and that they were entering "a new era in the Arab world." Eighty-five percent believe Arab states will be more democratic in five years time.

The widely-differing opinions emerged in an online survey, conducted by YouGov between June 7- 13. Over 1000 respondents from 17 Arab states took part.

Last month a mainly Arab audience at the Doha Debates voted overwhelmingly that it was futile for their rulers to resist change - a view supported by the poll. Most respondents cited official corruption as the main reason for their position.

Despite blanket coverage of the Arab unrest, trust in the media is at a low ebb throughout the region. The majority of those polled said none of the major Arab or international broadcasters could be relied on for accurate information.

Polling dates: 7 - 13 June 2011

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