Doha Debates Special Event: Dr. ElBaradei

Thursday March 30 2006


Doha Debates Special Event: Dr. ElBaradei

Nobel peace prize winner and Director General of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Dr Mohamed ElBaradei told an audience of Arab students in Doha on March 30th, 2006, that the only way to solve the Iran crisis was through dialogue and confirmed there was no evidence that Iran had diverted any nuclear material to a weapons programme.

"We are not facing an imminent threat," he told the Doha Debates Special, "Iran has the right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes".

His comments followed a demand by the UN Security Council that Iran cease its programme of uranium enrichment and that Dr. ElBaradei report back to them on its compliance within 30 days. In the mounting war of words Washington has threatened Tehran with sanctions and refused to rule out a military confrontation.

Dr. ElBaradei called on Iran to build confidence, through full cooperation. He also called for dialogue between the international community and Iran, referring to sanctions as the last option.

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