This House believes the Egyptian military is not interested in genuine reform

Wednesday October 26 2011
Cairo, Egypt

MOTION PASSED by 85% to 15%

Opinion poll

According to the findings of the latest Doha Debates opinion poll, two out of three people believe the Egyptian military is interested in genuine reform.   Although this outlook is consistent across age groups, those under 30 have less ‘faith' in the military (38%).  Younger respondents are most frustrated by the military's failure to deliver swift political reform.

However, opinions are divided on whether Egyptians are better off since the toppling of President Mubarak.  Thirty-six percent believe ‘things are better now,' 30 percent say ‘things are the same as before' and 25 percent say ‘things are worse now'.  Those who question the military's interest in genuine reform have the least positive view of the current situation.

The poll findings vary hugely from the audience vote at a Doha Debate held in Cairo on October 26th in which 85 percent of the audience voted to pass the motion that the Egyptian military is not interested in genuine reform.

The opinion poll found those who believe the army is interested in genuine reform feel their opinion is supported by the fact that ‘the army protected and supported the revolution from the start' and is doing its job in helping the country move forward during the transitional stage. Some justified the human rights abuses, arrests and violence which are still going on by claiming the practices were needed to provide safety and security.

Most (40 %) think the military has done a ‘good or excellent' job in providing a safe and secure environment in Egypt.   

However, regardless of whether they trust the military's intentions on reform, the largest proportion of Egyptians agree that a strong-handed leader would have been best suited to run the country during the transitional stage.  Interestingly, both ‘camps' are likely to favour a ‘quickly elected democratic government' over the Military itself to run the country at this stage.

The opinion poll was carried out by YouGov Siraj between the 14th and 19th of November and questioned 1033 people living in Cairo, Alexandria, Giza and other areas in the country.

Polling dates: 14 - 19 November 2011

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